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There is nothing like a good visual to inspire a change, this is why the updated website is based around visuals showing problems encountered (The Before) and Solutions implemented (The After)

My own visual used here shows how making a change, even in an old asset will breath life back into it and allow for life extension. An instant cultural shift allowed me to lose 9st in just 12 months with a total of 10st over 24 months where today 4 years on I manage myself with the initial 9st lose through good maintenance behaviours.

Lessons learnt are shown as a solution implemented to a problem encountered visual represented against the solutions visual. It’s hard to ignore a picture which paints a thousand words with key text focused on our industries core values even for the most sceptical minded individuals.

A transformation from administrative controls to innovated and engineered solutions, the most basic of safety philosophies is that we use an engineered solution where possible before even thinking about managing hazards and risks with paperwork. This basic level of safety is focused on “Reducing Risk to as Low as Reasonably Practical”

Telling someone the job has hazards and risks associated with it does not make that job safe, you must mitigate and reduce risks by implementing solutions that are available.

All the Nine RigDeluge® Products have been invented and engineered to solve problems, reduce costs and make operations safer, these key elements have allowed for Patents to be granted due to existing problems being solved.

For some change is easy to accept as they want to improve safety and at the same time save money yet the cultural failings of “We Have Always Done it That Way” plays a big part for those that find it hard to accept change.

The visuals and key text wording focused on our industries core values can be used in any Health and Safety meeting with-in any organisation to justify a budget to be put in place to allow for safety to be put first in line with financial gains / savings.

The Health & Fitness section has at this point only one article but this will be added to on a regular basis with my own personal problems encountered and lessons learnt with my overall health. Getting the weight off, reducing the blood pressure and stress is just the starting point of the journey but very key to maintain the improvements.

The Charity section has been added to show our core values while at the same time allowing for a platform for all that has been achieved and yet to be achieved by giving back to those in need and to those who afford us our freedoms.

By the end of 2019 the E-Commerce will be in place so you can purchase all these products on-line to simplify the improving safety process for your operations, to go with the product purchases there is available in-house training and advice by myself as the inventor as to why they were invented, the problems they solve and the success noted to date.

Since 2012 our main aim as been to Reduce Hazards, Reduce Risks, Reduce Environmental Impact and Reduce Costs noted as the 4R Rule which has been achieved by all those who have implemented our technology to their operations to date.

To find out more have a quick look through the site and if you want to take it a step further book a Lunch & Learn with myself by contacting me direct at

Big thank you to Jeff Nicol from LinkLayer® for turning this around in just 10 days and under budget.

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