RigDeluge® Australian Agreement


RigDeluge® and AFI are delighted to announce an exclusivity distribution for the FreeFlow™ award-winning and patented technologies for the regions of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste.

The deal, brokered by Silverhorse Holdings Hong Kong lays the foundation for a transformative partnership. Marks a new era of collaboration, using both companies’ strengths to deliver operational excellence and value. The agreement will allow RigDeluge® to deliver its next level of growth strategy through exclusive localised distribution. The agreement will enable AFI to transition from a service company to a technology-led technical authority.

“We are now delivering on our next level of growth strategy through localised exclusive agreements that will allow companies such as AFI to protect local infrastructure and environments while at the same time help them build their local economies,” Ian Garden – RigDeluge®

“RigDeluge® and AFI cultures and strategies are aligned to help solve many of the fire safety, and environmental issues that are experienced by our energy clients, this agreement will allow us to stay true to our mission to deliver transformational efficiencies without compromising safety,” Ray Johnson CEO AFI. Agreement Jan 2021

Check out AFI at www.ausfire.com.au 

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