Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

All sprinkler systems have a common factor and that is scale and debris, RigDeluge have introduced Free Flow Nozzle Technology™ to the industry to help alleviate this major problem. When a system is first installed correctly it will be free from all foreign bodies allowing the sprinkler heads to perform as designed. It's after this first operation of the system that the system comes under attack by debris, scale and marine organisms.

These problems have always been present in offshore sprinkler systems due to the sea water factor. Manny companies spend a lot of time and money on the up keep of these systems but inevitably during function tests nozzles block. If these blockages occurred during a real fire situation it would likely result in loss of life, asset and potential ecological disaster.

The FFN™ has been designed to direct the debris that would normally block existing nozzles into debris pots, enabling the nozzle to disperse the correct volume at the correct pressure to achieve its designed K-Factor for longer. To help with system integrity the FFN™ Debris Pots can be emptied after every function where the debris can then be analysed and weighed to determine corrosion rate and cause.

The INSTANT benefits achieved by up-grading to Free Flow Nozzles™ is that RISK IS REDUCED, it will take longer to block and with more debris than a conventional sprinkler nozzle. If your fire sprinkler system is in that poor a state and operating on a daily basis with debris in-line you should up-grade today to reduce the risk of system failure until a plan to replace or clean the full system is implemented.

With aging assets it can be said that debris will always be present in the delivery lines and this should be considered when analysing the risk of system failure due to nozzle blockages. It is now possible for the industry to reduce the risks associated by nozzle blockages by replacing the existing designs with Free Flow Nozzles™.

RigDeluge have conducted extensive testing and have proven that on an end of line test spread that it can take as little as 20g of debris to reduce the current industries nozzles performance by as much as 80% with full distortion of the spray profile. With a Free Flow Nozzle™ installed on the test spread and twice the volume of debris added the results were noted as a 13% reduction on flow with no distortion on nozzle spray profile; these tests can be viewed in our equipment section of this web site.

Make a difference today and reduce the risks that your personnel, assets and the environment face daily if your fire sprinkler system fails due to nozzle blockages or associated line ruptures caused by these blockages. Free Flow Nozzle Technology™ will help you provide a safer working environment for all your offshore facilities old or new.

By up-grading your fire sprinkler system now with the RigDeluge end of line solution you will give your personnel, assets and the environment the best chance of survival if and when an unpredicted fire occurs on your installation. Knowing that even with a real system integrity problem it will operate as required all clients can implement a cleaning and up-grade plan for the whole system in comfort knowing the system is still operational.

Debris and Mic will always occur on open to air fire sprinkler systems and introducing this safety factor will allow you to control a unpredictable hazard by reducing the risk of nozzles blocking on your system.

Free Flow Nozzle Technology™ has been designed to combat the ever-present problem of debris and scale found in deluge lines.

In all Fire Fighting Systems there are several types of debris that can be present regardless of the systems pipe work design, the HSE compiled this table in report HSE (OTO 2000 035) 2000.

"Any System that uses salt water, including a rental will suffer from debris and corrosion"








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