About Us

About Us

RigDeluge supply experience, competence and innovative engineering solutions for the deluge industry. We are the innovators of Free Flow Nozzle Technology™ with all our equipment being designed to introduce safety and efficiency to their desired application.

RigDeluge ensure that their equipment and designs comply with API 521: 2007- API 14 G: 2010 and is manufactured to ASME B31.3 to provide our clients with a safety solution that can be approved by the Duty Holders Certifying Authority.

We provide a professional service that is focused on client satisfaction through innovative product supply, service quality and financial target achievement. Every operation we are involved with has our 4R Rule applied where we Reduce Hazards, Reduce Risks, Reduce Environmental Impact and Reducing Overall Costs.

With more than twelve years real time industry experience we can provide a balanced and informative solution for our clients focusing on lessons learnt throughout this time period.

Our Managing Director has unique experience and competence level achieved in the industry with six years as a Field Engineer and a further Six Years as a Managing Director.

This expertise allows for a full complement of skills to be applied to all our contracts and client requirements. Reduce the risk to your overall deluge requirements by employing a unique competence level that can only be provided by RigDeluge.