RigCooling Safety

Safety First

RigDeluge is the first deluge company that can supply a full complement of deluge systems which includes rig cooling systems, with the experience and learning's from supplying all these systems we can bring together many safety initiatives.

Not depending on rental income for our business model we can remove a magnitude of risks which are regularly associated with a rental solution, using rig cooling as an example we can say that due to the surveys of most installations being complete by rig cooling rental companies there is very rarely a comparison between a rental system and the rigs own system / new fixed system given as this would not be financially beneficial for the rental company.

If a rental company does supply a fixed system it will be designed to still have the rental equipment used to deliver the water to supply their own specific nozzle type and deliverables. This means that only a portion of the risks associated will be mitigated not them all.

RigDeluge can completely mitigate all rental risks as we can supply certified nozzles with various K-Factors to meet all industry safety criteria, our nozzles are not designed to be driven by expensive and dangerous water delivery systems. We can provide a solution within the realms of the installations capabilities and only as a last resort would we suggest a rental solution, a good rule of thumb for all rig cooling systems is that an installation should not be required to supply more than 2500 usgpm to attenuate up to 100 mmscf/d or 10,000 bopd for flaring through an evergreen burner. Lower flaring rates will require less water deliverables which should be noted by all clients that have been given a rental option that require more water to drive it than is actually required to achieve API 521 Safety Parameters.

Follow this link to down load and share your deluge system lessons learnt to allow the industry to achieve a safer working environment, review all your deluge systems with the aim to Reduce Hazards – Reduce Risks – Reduce Environmental Issues and Reduce Overall Costs.