Rig Cooling Systems

Rig Cooling Systems

RigDeluge provide the safest rig cooling systems in the industry, we can mitigate all repeat hazards and costs associated with a rental system by simply up-grading the rigs own cooling system or installing a new system to meet the demands of the super-efficient evergreen burners.

RigDeluge is not a pump or compressor Rental Company so they will provide a solution that can mitigate all the hazards and risks that are always present with a rental solution.

We provide a cost analysis on our proposed designs against a rental solution to all our clients allowing them to risk analyse the reduction on hazards, risks, environmental issues and costs.

It has been known for clients to over spend on rig cooling rentals on a single campaign by Five Hundred Thousand Pounds due to the poor performance of well operation. An installed system will ensure that a budget is achieved every time without introducing an un-know variable, like well perfomance, into the equation.

RigDeluge will primarily survey installations for up-grades and fixed systems as they are the safest option but will always give the client enough information to request the rig cooling Rental Company to provide a cost of the rental solution as a comparison.

We will give you the full picture with no bias on costing as safety comes first with RigDeluge.

RigDeluge currently supply the only certified and independently verified rig cooling equipment on the market incorporating Free Flow Nozzle Technology™

Reduce Hazards, Risks, Environmental Impact and Cost in one action: Install a RigDeluge system today


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