Bushfire Systems

Bushfire Systems

Our Managing Director has designed, installed and up-graded one of Australia's most efficient Bushfire Systems and this experience puts RigDeluge at the fore front of the industry.

This system is now utilized for a safe haven for all local residents in its surrounding area.

The Bush Fire and Forest Fire Systems we supply are designed to specifically manage water delivery with operational time line. The integrity of these system is managed by the utilization of FFNT™ which also allows the water delivery volume be deployed in various locations with various nozzle variables, this means that the system has optimum water consumption like never before.

The complete RigDeluge system design also allows for the water source be directed back into the main supply tank or source giving a longer operational time line.

Whether you require a system for private use or Industrial use RigDeluge will produce a bespoke design that will meet your specific deliverables.

The RigDeluge Systems also come in remote form where they can be activated from a safe distance away from the fire path; these automated systems are very bespoke and are managed from the first point of contact till the system commissioning is complete and handed over to the client.


Be Prepared and Install a FFN™ Bushfire System