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With more than Twelve years industry experience RigDeluge can provide all their services at the highest level through experience, competence and engineering.

Insure your project meets all safety and financial targets by utilising RigDeluge to provide a safe professional deluge solution from project planning to system installation and commissioning.

Introduce the latest deluge technology to systems old or new by up-grading to next generation RigDeluge Equipment. Free Flow Nozzle Technology™ will ensure your system operates as and when required even when debris is present in the delivery lines.

The RD44™ Flare Boom System will allow your well test operators to work safely on the flare boom by not blocking the escape route which could contribute to a death if an operator was to fall overboard and be left hanging from the flare boom.

All our services are safety focused where we achieve reduced hazards, risks, environmental impact and costs through lessons learned over a twelve year period.

RigDeluge provided a Lessons Learnt forum to enable the deluge industry to share safety solutions.

Through sharing our experiences we can help each other provide a safer working environment for our personnel, assets and environment.

Follow the link to your specific industry and post your learning's or simply learn from our list of safety bulletins.

Rig Cooling Safety

Sprinkler System Safety

Bushfire Safety

Service Supply

  • Audits and Surveys
  • Project Management
  • Certified System Design
  • System Installation and Training
  • System Up Grades
  • System Operations
  • Flow Simulation
  • Flare Simulation
  • Certified Equipment Supply